Sunday, January 13, 2013

Opening Night of Steampunk Exhibit!

More then I could have hoped for and more then I even dreamed about. Although, it was maybe about what my anxiety was imaging .... Lots of people, but amazing, wonderful people, packed The Teahouse & Coffeepot last night to receive the Steampunk Art Exhibit.  

 Bob Dorian with his antique medical kit - and he knows each and every instrument too.

My pieces (on left) with two of Fay Schievelbein's pieces

Katie Kaufman with her costume - she did a full size version of a costume she designed and made for a stop motions pieces.  Automation

Brandon Schnur with his ceramic pieces - I love that I was able to have such a diversity with mediums for the show.

Randall Jessee with his piece - I love it!

Joanna Shindler with gloves she knitted using almost invisible metal thread.

Ron James standing in front of his absolutely incredible Steampunk table with Fire Engine and metal Steampunk figure.  Oh, and he does not want to cart that table home, so it's very, very affordable everyone! It's amazing. 

Vaska Basham of V's Beads next to her three pieces - everyone wants to take these home... and you can.  You can go out to The Teahouse and Coffeepot and buy them right now...

Fay Schievelbein next to another one of her pieces - inked and colored versions.  Beautiful work.

May Evens with her inspired mixed media piece.

Doug Bell with one of the six pieces he has in the show.  The one you see is the Joker in his Steampunk Card Deck series.  He made a deck of cards.  I have a set.  I'm also the Queen of Dirigibles   

That's not even all my artists!  The walls are covered with artwork.  The show is up through the end of February and then it comes down.  But while it's still up, you should go, have a cup of tea, a scone, a sandwich and just experience.  
Also, if you are in need of awesome Steampunk (or Pinup) type clothes, you should go see my friend Celine Collins.  She owns Monkey Wrench Clothing (1214 McGee Kansas City, MO) - she also does custom work! Her mannequin is the redhead.

I'm in the top hat