Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Adventures of The Airship Noir at The Emerald City Steampunk Expo 2013

 I present to you, the misadventures of The Airship Noir, and some of her crew.  I am Sydney Stirling, of the House Dirigible, Second Mate of the Noir.  We scoured the byways and dark alleyways of Wichita, KS, looking for those we might trade with, be it goods or information.                   Onward we searched.   Not resting till we felt all options had been weighed and tested.  We found some wondrous objects from far off lands, crafted with care and cunning.     We fought several battles to win our way though the night.    Fighting with the weapon closest at hand: our trusty parasols. 
There was a brief respite to admire outfits fair and fantastical              .   After the feast for our eyes, we could not turn back till our ears had had their fill.    Clearly Guilty
 The Cog is Dead

(And at the end of it all, we even had to solve a Murder!)

To see more photos from the Convention, or to learn a little more about Airship Noir - feel free to visit me on Facebook:  Sydney Stirling House Dirigible