Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Maker Faire KC 2015

It started off with a plan, then an announcement:
Airship Noir is excited to be at the Kansas City Maker Faire again this year! If you're in the area, come see us and experience Maker Faire - it's fantastic.

The plan was teaching people how to do transfers from ink/paper to cloth.  Learn the technique, you can do photo transfers to many other mediums.  It's easy, it's not expensive, and it's a good low tech skill to know.

 Cloth used: sheets purchased from thrift stores riiiped into 4 inch lengths, then cuts to head size with enough to tie a double knot - about 24 inches.

Take your photo, or drawing - but it must be printed off a toner cartridge printer - we used original art by artist and crew member Stephanie Dal Porto.
Use cheap paper.  It helps.
Next you pin your paper to the cloth so the ink you are going to transfer is facing the cloth.  Or tape it to wood, canvas, t-shirts....whatever.  You don't want the paper and the cloth to move while you transfer - it will blur. 
Soak a brush with Citrasolv and soak the paper and rub.  We used a metal spoon.  Rub hard, Use the edge sometimes to scrape.  It's going to take some work.  Peak if you need to.  You'll know when it's done. 
The last step is to iron.  This will set the ink.  Keep the paper on there so you don't transfer the ink to your iron. Citrosolv will fume out, so do this in an open place. Citrosolv is orange oil, so it's non-toxic, but that doesn't mean you can take a nice face full of it.  A towel helps in the begining to keep the fumes down. 
We did a black and white transfer, and offered cloth markers to anyone who wanted to give their creation some color.  

Before you go thinking that Maker Faire is just basic stuff, let me stop you.  Maker Faire is so much more!


Monday, May 4, 2015

Figments & Filaments II

 April 25th, 26th, and 27th in the year 2015


 first and foremost - credit to the lovely photographer Belinda Kay Penaloza of BMoon studios, and Tracy A Majkol.  You guys did fantastic.

Airship Noir is a motley bunch.  Can you believe one of our own is Co-Chair for this bonanza of costuming and creativity?  Our Chief Acquisition Specialist is one stunning lady, and comes is many guises.

 Sandra St George and I (Sydney Stirling) did a panel with her on Friday - what to wear with your different outfits, like what to snag to wear with your favorite gown, and different techniques and materials to use (dental floss?).  Sandra goes for found items, me - I go for copper and pearls a lot. Rosalind showed us books from which we could draw inspiration.  We talked tools, and the whys behind some of our decision making. 

 My next panel was showing people some basic skills of paint pens and stencils on cloth, and finishing the piece with a snap.

 With a variety of scrap fabric on hand, and whatever else found its way into my tool box and basket that morning, people went to work.

 Bob was on hand to also field questions.  He's very good at keeping a weather eye out.  

The good Doctor did several leatures.  One on what a gentleman should travel with.

And one medial lecture.

Using the audience for practical demonstrations.  Just kidding, no blood was ever drawn.  From the eyes to the brain and teeth, to leg amputations and vaccinations, Dr. Havlock went through it all with deft manipulations of all implements. 
There was one injury, but Doctor Havlock was in no way responsible. Unfortunately, the magic of David Bowe's music was the culprit this time.  

Our own Catherine Moreau gave a beautiful on kitted items worn by Victorians.  - I noticed you can't see her face in this photo ----
So I thought it might help if I showed you her face.  And there's Nigel Bewlay as well - getting ready for the masquerade.  Knowing when to hide your identity is important. 
I did a panel on engraving and stamping copper on Sunday.  
Sandra and Bob did a basic leatherworking panel.

Catherine doing another panel.  
And!  Let's not forget Lady V. M. Dangerfield - Teas and Sharpshooting - and Lady S. S. Gonzales.

Very important ladies. Photo by Catherine M.

And PLEASE - Monkey Wrench Clothing is FABULOUS!  Let's give props to Celine Collins our very own Steamstress.