Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Maker Faire KC 2015

It started off with a plan, then an announcement:
Airship Noir is excited to be at the Kansas City Maker Faire again this year! If you're in the area, come see us and experience Maker Faire - it's fantastic.

The plan was teaching people how to do transfers from ink/paper to cloth.  Learn the technique, you can do photo transfers to many other mediums.  It's easy, it's not expensive, and it's a good low tech skill to know.

 Cloth used: sheets purchased from thrift stores riiiped into 4 inch lengths, then cuts to head size with enough to tie a double knot - about 24 inches.

Take your photo, or drawing - but it must be printed off a toner cartridge printer - we used original art by artist and crew member Stephanie Dal Porto.
Use cheap paper.  It helps.
Next you pin your paper to the cloth so the ink you are going to transfer is facing the cloth.  Or tape it to wood, canvas, t-shirts....whatever.  You don't want the paper and the cloth to move while you transfer - it will blur. 
Soak a brush with Citrasolv and soak the paper and rub.  We used a metal spoon.  Rub hard, Use the edge sometimes to scrape.  It's going to take some work.  Peak if you need to.  You'll know when it's done. 
The last step is to iron.  This will set the ink.  Keep the paper on there so you don't transfer the ink to your iron. Citrosolv will fume out, so do this in an open place. Citrosolv is orange oil, so it's non-toxic, but that doesn't mean you can take a nice face full of it.  A towel helps in the begining to keep the fumes down. 
We did a black and white transfer, and offered cloth markers to anyone who wanted to give their creation some color.  

Before you go thinking that Maker Faire is just basic stuff, let me stop you.  Maker Faire is so much more!