Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Updates and Changes to come

Updated my website-website to make it look more modern Steampunk.

Modern Steampunk... yes, but how about it just looks better now.   

Check it out.  It has another blog, a gallery of my artwork, and some other fun pages with Convention reviews/experiences.  Lots of photos and content to pour through if you ever have the mind for it.  I have a very specific Steampunk Gallery Page that I'll be adding soon and my ESTY site is undergoing a renovation. After my weekend at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2, and just about everyone loving on my Streampunk Goggles and jewelry/accessories, I decided to just do Steampunk items in my shop.  That should be coming soon.  I have to make more goggles and accessories and photograph them, plus get ready for Maker Faire next month, but I'm confident I'll have some awesome items up for sale here really soon!

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