Saturday, April 26, 2014


If you don't know about Figments and Filaments and you enjoy costuming of any kind - check out this convention next year.  Year One is fantastic.

Airship Noir members have done several panels so far.  Here's the info for the Maker Panel Bob Spangler and I did Saturday, and the Steampunk Hats, Guns, & Goggles panel we will be doing Sunday:

Figments and Filaments Convention
April 25-27th, 2014

Maker Panel: Hands On- Simple Metal Etching (plus a bit more)

The Plan:

Hammering - hammer out pennies on striker plates and anvils.
Metal Etching - Physical etching - Sharpie a design and etch with etching tool. Going
Punch holes - Hole punch & Disk punch with hammer.
Creating a curve/half circle - Dappling block and hammer (optional step)
Riveting - with rivets and brads using ball peen hammer and/or riveting tool

Heres a list of some of the tools we are using day:

Anvil with striker plates -striker plates/bench blocks can be bought separate
Hammers -try to buy the correct hammer for the job you have in mind
Disk Cutters
Metal Hole Punch (keep in mind what gauge metal you want to punch though)
Rivet Setter
Side Cutter
Flush Cutter
Metal Etching Tool
Dappling Block with Doming Punches
Engraver (cordless, diamond tip)

Some resource ideas:

Tandy Leather (
Fire Mountain Gems (
Rio Grande (
Instructables (
Maker Faire/ Makezine (

Facebook pages to look up and maybe join:

Airship Noir
KC Steampunk

Great Plains Steampunk

Figments and Filaments Convention
April 25-27th, 2014

Basic Steampunk Making: Goggles, Modified Nerf Guns, and Hats

The Plan:

Show off a range of goggles you can make or modify get some ideas for your own style.  Suggestions on how to wear goggles comfortably all through a convention weekend.

Walking you through the steps for taking apart a Nerf gun.  How to prime, paint, and bling your Nerf to become a Steampunk weapon prop.  Examples will be attaching scopes and gauges. 

Equipment for mod:
Black or rust colored primer for plastic
Acrylic paint
Rubn Buff
Your imagination

Going through some modifications for hats. Showing off a range of styles and additions.  Tip: weather-stripping is something you can buy by the yard at the hardware store for cheap.  Cut of a bit and stick it inside the brim of your hat for easy re-sizing. 

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