Monday, August 22, 2011

Brassy Window Earrings

Brassy Window Earrings
Brassy Window EarringsBrassy Window EarringsBrassy Window Earrings
Solid brass hexagonal beads radiate in and out of their windows, a little shy and a little coy while they play catch and release with the light. I've curved the pins they sit on so they swing just a little more playfully. Tiny little blue glass seed beads add just a hint of extra color to bring out the glint in your eyes.

They will hang about 2.5 inches and will come with rubber stops to push up on the ends of the ear hooks. When pushed all the way up, you never have to worry that the earring is dangling out of place or falling out!

I ship USPS Priority so my small package doesn't get lost in the mail. 
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