Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Steampunk Adventure Goggles

Steampunk Adventure Goggles
Steampunk Adventure GogglesSteampunk Adventure GogglesSteampunk Adventure GogglesSteampunk Adventure GogglesSteampunk Adventure Goggles
Taking a Steampunk Adventure across South America? Through Turkey and Egypt? A pair of trusty (and highly fashionable) Goggles will see you through to the end! Or maybe you're taking an adventure with a friend to a local coffee shop, an art walk or a Steampunk Convention!

My goggles are made from polymer clay, which is extremely durable and yet very lightweight.

This pair displays a mosaic pattern inlaid around, however, each frame has a different design to keep things interesting. Both frames are reinforced on the inside with 14 gauge brass wire. The polymer clay has some give, but is made to keep its rigid shape. 

Sunglass lenses keep the sun and UV rays out of your eyes and I have one inch braided black elastic sewn in for the nose guard and head strap (I used black NYMO thread). I used two part fast epoxy cement to make sure all my parts stay where they are supposed to with the exception of the thread and elastic - I want there to be options for you if something needs to be resown and I want the elastic to keep all it's stretch. 

I have broken down clocks for the metal gears and parts and some of those pieces have been incorporated into the design. 

The big frame is just shy of 2 inches at it's apex. The small frame is about .75 inches all the way around. There is about 15 inches worth of elastic for the head strap before any stretch. This should be enough for most people and hats. My nose guard is a doubled up strip of elastic and gives you about a .25 inch nose guard. It's about the same for most sunglasses, so you shouldn't have any jumbled vision when you put them on. 

My goggles are made to be worn either on your head as is, or on any hat you might want to wear them on. I might ask you to be creative, but chances are, you have that down pat. 

They are not break proof, but works of art to be worn, enjoyed and shown off.

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