Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Steampunk Creations

In a recent Ink Magazine interview for Maker Faire 2013 I was asked to describe Steampunkers and this is what I said. "Steampunk is a retro-futuristic re-imagining of the Victorian area.  The genre borrows from every world wide culture of the time depending on the need and desire.  Victorian atheistic is still in fashion, but modified of course.  Corsets are not hidden, and skirts are allowed to not only reveal ankles, but knees as well!  Hats never went out of style. Goggles are useful for open cab motor vehicles, airships, or laboratory experiments, and this is why you see many of us wearing them on our hats or heads.   Coal is still very much the main fuel source burned to produce steam (where we get the Steam in Steampunk), but with fantasy there can still be alternative fuels like aether.  Jules Vern and H.G Wells are big influences on the genre as well, but there are many modern Steampunk writers exerting there own influence.  However, by and large, Steampunkers are a culture of people who make stuff.  We make our gear, we invent gadgets, we ask "what if" a lot and then try to make it happen, we make stories and we try to bring those stories to life in one way or another, we make art, and we have so much fun doing it."

Here's a few of my new pieces to see more!

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