Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two local (Kansas City) radio stations feature interviews about Maker Faire

ooooooo how exciting!  I've been excited about the upcoming Maker Faire for several months now, but as it comes up in just several days, my excitment has grown.  Teaching and checking last minute details with my crew, Airship Noir.  Mentally arranging the tables over and over again... people will want to hammer their own pennies, so we should put the anvil here, the solution to etch should go back more, and the ink pens for people to draw on the pennies over here.

My little electroplating demonstration is a little lost on the table at the moment, but it's little, and it'll just hang out for people to look at I think. There's just so many little details to remember, but that's part of what I love about all this.  The Makers work so hard to show people that they can do all this themselves if they want.  Making stuff is fun.  Maybe it isn't easy, but it's worth it all the more to figure out all those little details, and it helps to have an example shown and done hands-on.  That's what Makers Faire is all about.  I did Makers Faire last year with Airship Noir, and this year's Faire is going to be bigger and better.

I'm featured on the Maker Faire website this year!  You can also listen to the little radio spot I did that aired on Mix 93.3 this morning.


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