Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gear Goggles in the Works

I'm making a new pair of brass Steampunk goggles, and I thought I would give a little behind the workbench look.

 I've already sketched out a gear design on one side and a swirl design on the reverse side for both brass strips. After the acid etching, each piece was cleaned, then gone over with a butane torch. Then, I used a jewelers saw to make the cut I wanted (most goes to the frame, the last three inches I wanted to use for the side).  The last thing I do before I start shaping is to file the edges round.

  Now, I mark where I want to make my bends and carefully shape the frame. I'm holding things in place with my little clips before I start cutting any holes for riveting.  I notice here that on the far frame, I need to switch out what's on top so that the edge faces away when I start to rivet, so I've already re-clipped just in case.

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