Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three New Steampunk Necklaces up for sale on ETSY (finally)

Just finished making this piece today.  My copper disk reminds me of moon craters.

It's fun. I like movable jewelry, especially if it then stays how I put it. 

I've filed all the little sharp edges from the etched copper disk. It's really a penny that I hammered out and did an Edinburgh Method etch on. The zinc in the penny shows up very dark and ate though on that one corner. But it does look a bit mysterious now. 

The pendant can go from 7 inches long to just under 3 inches. Waxed Cotton Cord adjusts from 24 inches down.


 Thirteen hammered copper disks, riveted together. Every other disk has been acid etched using the Edinburgh Method, and all have been dipped in Liver of Sulfur to patina. 

It's very lightweight, swivels easily, and quite comfortable. Makes a lovely, bold piece to wear. 

All told this comes in at 16 inches.


 Eleven copper disks of various size have been heated repeatedly with a torch for those wonderful an surprising colors that copper takes on when touched with flame.  

Has a little bit of weight to it, and the rivets are fairly tight, so that it will hold a shape depending on a mood or what you are wearing. 

The ribbon is fine copper wire that has been machine woven. Very flexible; it feels like cool fabric almost. I've applied just a touch of flame color to one end.

All told it comes to 22 inches.

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